Melt Down: Fundraiser

February 1-29, 2020

Throughout February, Coleman Vineyard will proudly be joining the participants of Yamhill County’s 2020 YCAP Grilled Cheese Meltdown fundraiser! We invite you to bring a friend and come play with your food; we will be serving a personal pot of gooey cheeses and assorted dippings to go alongside your wine flight.


The 2020 Melt down deluxe edition is a partnership between the YCAP FOOD BANK and 68 restaurants and businesses throughout Yamhill county.

Each participating location has agreed to donate $2 per sandwich or a percentage of the sales for their cheese-related item to the YCAP Food Bank. Participants are divided into divisions based on the size of the establishment: Slice, Wedge, Wheel, Who Moved My Cheese? Vin Et Fromage, and Bonus Stop. There will be a “Biggest Cheese” award for the most sandwiches sold in each division. There will also be a “People’s Choice” award based on your favorite sandwiches and the total number of them sold, so don’t forget to join The Melt Down Facebook Group to cast your votes!

– Visit participating* restaurants and order their special Grilled Cheese sandwich, a portion of the proceeds will benefit YCAP Food Bank!
– Restaurants are competing for the best grilled cheese sandwich in town…”The Biggest Cheese”!
– Pick up your punch-card with your first sandwich, then visit 4 or more restaurants to be entered to win a gift card!



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Coleman Tasting Room

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