Our Site

Initially planted in 1991, Coleman Vineyard is located within the Western region of the Willamette Valley. Nestled in a protective weather shield provided by the local Coast Range foothills, the site consists of almost 14 acres of pinot noir and 9 acres of pinot gris vines. Our vineyard lies beside the Van Duzer corridor, an opening through the mountain range leading to the Oregon coast which typically provides our warm summer days with crisp afternoon winds, cooling the evening temperatures down significantly. We believe this temperature variation alongside the area’s rich volcanic soils are a major contributing factor to the phenolic characteristics and brightness of the wine, providing a healthy structure for aging in addition to signature dark cherry and spice flavors accentuated by intense color.

Because these influences have helped to shape a geology and climate unique to the vineyard growing regions of the Willamette Valley, our site is located within what is now known as the McMinnville AVA.

Our Vineyard Blocks

Old Block

A gentle south-facing slope, our Old Block is named with respect to its origins, containing our vineyard sites first grapes planted in 1991. This block is home to self-rooted Pommard vines, which in part with dry farming techniques have developed hearty roots stretching deep into complex soil layers. These robust roots have lead to dynamic wines expressive of the terroir from which they grew.


Elevation: 300-500′
Varietal grown: pinot noir
Clones: Pommard

Deer Run

With a bare incline, our south-facing Deer Run block crowns the vineyard hill. This alluring section of the vineyard received its name from witnesses to past exchanges between winegrower Randy Coleman and the valley’s more mischievous neighbors. Our Deer Run block’s personality shines in our Dijon 115 clone, which we use to produce our single-clone Deer Run Dijon 115 wine.


Elevation: 500-550′
Varietal grown: pinot noir
Clones: Dijons 114, 115, 667, 777, & 828

Pinot Gris

Our Pinot Gris block is located on gentle western facing slopes. This section of our vineyard site benefits the most from crisp coastal winds, which help to mediate the warm summer sun and enhance extended fall hangtime. Rich with the ancestry of the valley, the slow thoughtful ripening of these vines encourages our white wines to better express the influence of the 52 million year old volcanic marine sediment from which they grow.


Elevation: 300-500′
Varietal grown: pinot gris

Field Blend

Utilizing a beautiful mélange of clones alongside nature’s indomitable wisdom, our Field Blend block is a vineyard snapshot of our different Pinot Noir varietals. Planted and later vinified together rather than separately, we allow mother nature to work in conjuncture with our winemaker in this block to organically develop a unique wine with every vintage.


Elevation: 300-500′
Varietal grown: pinot noir
Clones: Dijons 114, 115, 667, 777, 828, & Pommard