Flight Tasting Notes

2018 Pinot Gris Estate bottleshot

Pinot Gris Estate 2018

Pinot Gris Estate is harvested from our cooler western vineyard block where coastal influence mediates our warm summer sun and enhances extended fall hangtime. Fermented in vessels of acacia barrels, oak barrels, stainless, and Italian terracotta, the site is known for expressing bright and savory fruit. The flint undertone makes you think of the 52 million year old volcanic marine sediment from which the vines grow.

Golden straw and with the weight of a viognier or an exotic chardonnay.  Notes of peach and mango and fresh, racy acidity are nicely balanced with a dollop of cream and flint.  This is not a simple gris yet it is clean and infinitely sip-able. Enjoy with shrimp stir fry, especially garlic pepper shrimp, grilled mahi, or any fish taco.  Spicy foods push a fun, candied note in this wine but anything garlic is the real winner.  Pork loin anyone? Or just a porch.

Pinot Gris Estate bottleshot

Pinot Gris Estate 2019

A very pretty wine that shows some skin! This is one of the best Coleman Gris in years and a perfect example of small batch, cool-climate estate gris with gentle skin contact and much TLC. Plumeria and apple blossoms, meyer lemon, and a kiss of toasted nectarine tart, are complemented with just the right amount of zing. Balanced weight with a meringue finish.

Best appreciated with good company, grilled ono, a fine chevre (we love Oregon’s Rivers Edge), or whatever leftovers are in the fridge.

Coleman Pinot Noir Estate 2018

Pinot Noir Estate 2018

Pinot Noir Estate is a slow-shuttered snapshot of each vintage, uniquely expressing the fruit, earth, and weather of our estate vineyard. We listen carefully to the grape, our winemaking role to coach and coax the essence and history into a fine bottle of wine.

Pinot Noir Deer Run 115 bottleshot

Pinot Noir Deer Run 115 2017

Over centuries, clones of the pinot noir grapevine have been both carefully and serendipitously cultivated. Planted in 1998, our Deer Run 115 showcases the Pinot Noir Dijon 115 clone. Here on our estate site, this clone consistently shows layers of red fruit such as strawberry and dark raspberry.

Like a glass of cherry juice with more red than purple, a heady, surprisingly perfumed nose, this single vineyard pinot noir expression surprises with a rich, round palate and broad tannins. The flavor profile is of a dark-fruited compote of late season blueberries, brown sugar, toasted oak, and cacao. The wine finishes medium long and should be enjoyed within 3-7 years.

Enjoy with
-sweet potato chile
-slow cooker pork
-grilled salmon

2016 Estate Reserve wine

Pinot Noir Estate Reserve 2018

Coleman Pinot Noir Estate Reserve is a celebration of our vineyard terroir and winemaking style. The blend is lovingly culminated from both exceptional barrels and that unusual, special ‘something’ barrel that piques our interest. Like a symphony, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the various instruments. Let the music flow together, and something beautiful is created.

This broad shouldered, toasted oak, mesquite, nutmeg and lilac layered otherwise serious wine also has a playful passion fruit and cherry thread and a vibrant nose. Refined, ponson silk velvet tannins. Ideal sip for sip, or paired with any of your Pinot Noir classics:

Plank-grilled salmon, duck, game, casseroles or, of course, beef stew.